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Math Solver is a scientific calculator
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Get your kids interested in their home work and yourself in studies anew with the Math Solver.
This advanced tool is an enhanced calculation tool which can be used for solving complicated scientific calculations. With this tool you can not only make your work and studies easier but also more interesting. Any mathematical expression can be solved in a systematic and step-by-step manner. If your desktop needs different application settings, the tool supports a simple mode. It supports many complicated mathematical expressions such as parenthesis, graph calculations and so on. It also supports five number systems and is capable of masking the answers if required. If you need it for specific professional fields of work such as financial or technical you can still use this tool as the tool supports one hundred and fifty-five functions and sixty-five constants.
The interface is clear and precisely displays all calculations and error messages.

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Math Solver is a scientific calculator. Math Solver includes a step-by-step solution for any mathematical expression, to make work/homework more fun and easy. Also includes a Simple Mode, for smaller size on desktop.
- Scientific calculations
- Paranthesis compatible
- Graph calculations
- Solution
- Answer masking
- 5 number systems
- Scientific notation
- User variables
- 155 functions including financial
- 65 constants
- Log all calculations
- User friendly error messages
- Simple mode (smaller size on desktop)
Math Solver
Math Solver
Version 1.2.11
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